Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Out From Under, Sort Of...

Okay, I just wrapped up pencilling and *inking* 22 pages of Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four #44 in just over four weeks, during the holidays no less. Whew! The past week has not afforded me time to draw much in my sketchbook or post. During that time I have also been nibbling on the edges of a Vertigo Fables issue that I am drawing (#82) and a Wildstorm book, to be announced. Soooo, all I really have to post today are a couple of panels from the Fantastic Four and some panels from my graphic novel ALL NIGHTER (which is in DC limbo at the moment).

Fantastic Four

All Nighter


  1. Wow, completing a book while straddling 3 publishers -- congrats!

    I've never made this connection before, but your Franklin pic reminds me of Clowes's style on Lloyd Llewellyn.

  2. Truly delicious contrast in these images, sir.

  3. (This might be a bit obvious, but I gotta say this.)

    Please tell me All Nighter is going to be published in Black & White. That would be crazy awesome!

  4. When ALL NIGHTER sees print, it will be in B/W with gray tones. ....Or color, who knows? But it was meant as B/W

  5. (Sorry for the late reply.)

    One hopes for B/W, and one will be waiting.