Sunday, April 26, 2009

One Hour Page

Not much to post today, I've been busy with work and pitches and social obligations the past week. I am trying, with my art, to play with page design and composition, and to loosen up a bit with my ink lines. I have always believed that tight, slick lines are what it takes to get noticed in the comic business. Yet, when I look at my favorite artists, I see that they are not fretting over the 'cleanness' of their work, but rather giving the most thought to the forms beneath. So I decided to ink a little more from the gut.

Below is a page I pencilled and inked in a little over an hour on 6.75" x 10.25" paper. This was an exercise I gave myself to see how fast I could take a flash of an idea (in this case, a guy in a boat), and throw it down on paper without giving thought to making it look clean and pretty. I just wanted to to play with raw shapes and composition. What started out as "a guy in a boat" came out as something moody and sinister. Though I don't consider the quality of the drawing publishable by my standards, it was a fun way to force myself not to think about line weights and cleanness so much.

Under that are just some heads.


  1. My buddy, John Beatty, an inker, is known for his clean precise lines. John recently has really been working to loosen up and get things down quicker. Sounds like it should be easy, but it's not. Keep at it, what you're doing looks good!

  2. I really dig that page, david! It'd be nice to see more like that.