Sunday, June 14, 2009

Drink and Draw

Saturday night was the Drink and Draw Portland Chapter's monthly get together at Madison's Pub (or Place or Joint, can't remember which). I also don't know the official name of the Drink and Draw group, as I am sure there are many other Drink and Draw groups here in cartoonist-saturated Portland. I usually manage to make it to about every third meeting.

Here are the results of about three hours of drinking and drawing. My beers were some sort of pale ale and I ate a Greek chicken pita wrap. Because these get togethers happen in pubs, the lighting is always dim and detrimental. I get tired of straining my eyes and usually end up not finishing each sketch.

▲ I don't know who these people are, but the woman looks spooked. Or spooky.

▲ Yeah, I don't know.

▲ I think this is Superman. Yeah, definitely Superman.

▲ Some monster guys. I think I am most happy with these fellows as they just sort of came from nowhere when I put pen to paper. All three seem to have personality.


  1. The monster guy with the head ridges is cool. All the sketches are nice. Perhaps the top woman is concerned about the monsters? ; )

  2. Thanks, Craig. Yeah, I wonder what her deal is.