Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sketchy Personalities

Here is something that was part of my pitch proposal for the completed-but-in-limbo graphic novel for DC called ALL NIGHTER. The character, Martha Roeder, is partially modeled after a juvenile delinquent girl I went to high school with who was murdered a few years after graduation. The other sketches are pieces of pencil pages for a WildStorm project I am working on called RED HERRING. I am not sure when RED HERRING will be solicited, but when it is closer to that time, I will post more art from it. I wish I could be clever here, but I am much too tired. So, ta.


  1. maybe oni or adhouse would be interested in all-nighter? top shelf? :)

  2. I am sure they would, problem is DC still has the license for the project. So, they can just let it sit on a shelf for another year if they want, sadly